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    Hello, and welcome to the site of the Water Ninjas Army of Club Penguin! We were one of the most legendary small-medium armies to exist. We were known for having excellent battle strategies, good leaders, and great event sizes. However due to the shutdown of Club Penguin, we have vanished into the past.

    -Water Ninjas Staff ”

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Ices Noobs response

So today one of the most noobiest leader decided to post invasions against us. I will make my corrections to one of the worst war posts done in history in red.

Dear Water Ninja Terrorist group (WNTG). How creative

We will not longer be threatened by your pathetic threats and your operation waterfall. You will be taught that your place is under our control. Yes by and army that maxes 8. ,Water will always freeze. We will not surrender the war unless you gives us 75% of your servers and become a coloney under us. Hmm i wonder where you go that treaty from Please remember, karma is a bitch not me so please don’t be spreading roomers rumors*:). And that sentence made no sense whatsoever

Click “read more” for invasion times.

The WNTG was made by a very very infamous leader known as “carl” who is a true dick. Jai created WN you smart ass Water Ninjas USED to be a great army until Jai left it; Jai never left it you retard.  the scum in the army took over. But don’t worry, I’m a pretty nice guy so since I’m so nice I will be cleansing your army by invading your servers. You can thank me later it’s free.

Dear Smac/CPAF,

We will be blue. You will have no say in this if you say we cannot be blue. Have a great day. SMAC nor CPAF cares about you god damn color

Since these idiots don’t have any other servers for us to clean we will only raid Ok raid our servers 😀 these. They will die Even though we have 12 other servers?. Tommorow, we will all be recruiting. Ice Shards will be worth 5 per recruit and the invasions will be 10 Ice Shards if we win. You guys copied our medal system *facepalm*


1. We are Blue I think you made it clear

2. SMAC/CPAF can’t tell us to be another color I think you made that clear

3. No Hacking/Bots/Allies/Alliances/colonies

4. People not in the army aren’t alloweed This is by far the most noobiest rule I have seen in my whole life

Any army caught breaking these rules will result in their servers becoming the opposing armies. You will not be able to negoicate and we will ignore you. I am sick and tired of you WN

So yeah this is a really terrible post with terrible grammar and many noob issuses. Jack doesn’t realize that almost every single army in this community hates IH. WN will not stop invading until IH is out of servers. And jack thank you for copying my invasions at just changing the server and times to AM ❤

4 Responses

  1. Oh your welcome dipshit

  2. You do relize that threatening to dox me is so idiotic.

  3. Elites have invasions of IH too.

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