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    Hello, and welcome to the site of the Water Ninjas Army of Club Penguin! We were one of the most legendary small-medium armies to exist. We were known for having excellent battle strategies, good leaders, and great event sizes. However due to the shutdown of Club Penguin, we have vanished into the past.

    -Water Ninjas Staff ”

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  • -CPADN Showdown Spring 2013 (1st)

    -CPANN Summer Tournament 2013 (1st)

    -SMAC Best Army of 2013 (Summer)

    -CPAF/SMAP Summer Gone Tournament 2013 (1st)

    -CPAF/SMAP Halloween Hector Tournament 2013 (1st)*

    -SMAC Winter Wonderland 2013 (1st)

    -SMAC Best Army of 2013 (Winter)

    -SMAP Summer Clash Tournament 2014 (1st)*

    * Indicates no trophy received


*Originally written by: Jodie*

Hello, Water  Ninjas

So, I’m you’re new leader, and I want to see a MAJOR rise from this army. You reading this? MAJOR. But WN won’t be able to do it without YOUR help, understand? So here I’m organizing a training / recruiting session. What will happen is the event will be split into two sections, throughout roughly an hour. In the first 10 – 20 minutes, we shall be chat recruiting. When me and the other leaders decide that we have enough troops, we shall spend the rest of our hour event on club penguin. Training ourselves for future events and improving our tactics and skills. I want to see 15-20+ , get 25+ and we’ll have certain promotions for any rank under 5ic. This event WILL be on a weekend, and all timezone friendly. So you should have NO excuses for not coming. IF you have an excuse, you MUST give the valid reason in a comment. If you say you are coming and then don’t, that shall also, be an INSTANT demotion for ANY rank. Here is the information;

DATE; Saturday 23rd March

Time; 1:00 PST, 2:00 MST, 3:00 CST, 4:00 EST, 9:00 UK

Place; White house, Town, moving around when instruction is given

You MUST be on chat at all times during the event, if on chat but not on club penguin you could result in having a temporary demotion, or a permanent demotion depending on circumstances.

Comment below on if you can or cannot come, give valid reasons for why you cannot come if so applies to you.

Hope you can attend!


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