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    Hello, and welcome to the site of the Water Ninjas Army of Club Penguin! We were one of the most legendary small-medium armies to exist. We were known for having excellent battle strategies, good leaders, and great event sizes. However due to the shutdown of Club Penguin, we have vanished into the past.

    -Water Ninjas Staff ”

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  • -CPADN Showdown Spring 2013 (1st)

    -CPANN Summer Tournament 2013 (1st)

    -SMAC Best Army of 2013 (Summer)

    -CPAF/SMAP Summer Gone Tournament 2013 (1st)

    -CPAF/SMAP Halloween Hector Tournament 2013 (1st)*

    -SMAC Winter Wonderland 2013 (1st)

    -SMAC Best Army of 2013 (Winter)

    -SMAP Summer Clash Tournament 2014 (1st)*

    * Indicates no trophy received

Happy 6th Anniversary

If you wish to join the post-CP generation of the Water Ninjas. 


It’s our sixth anniversary! And have a Happy 4th for all of those in the states. 

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We’re dead, but our Legacy Isn’t

I wish we died with Club Penguin, and the other armies, but some things don’t turn out the way you expect them to. For a select few of us, Water Ninjas was our heart and soul at one point. However the times have changed. No one will remember us because our prime was only lasted two years. No one will remember our dominance because we didn’t involve ourselves in any big wars and because we fluctuated between major and medium standards.

Thank you for everyone’s contribution to this army, go enjoy Club Penguin while you still can. 

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The Official Retirement of Jayden1092

I should’ve made this post years ago. It’s still not entirely finished and may never be but because Club Penguin is closing, I am leaving it out there. If you would like to contact me, leave a comment and I may or may not give you my social media accounts (:

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Where we go from here

When we first planned this out, we were all excited, right? We actually had potential to finish strong, and actually even have a chance to get Top 10, maybe even top 5 on CPAC. So what happened? Why do we keep dying so quick? Continue reading

The Official Closing of WN

Well we did one thing most armies don’t do, get 1st in the first week back. Well besides that, Goodbye WN.

The Tide has Come to Shore

Hello there most of you know me as Jai. I am here to herby declare that Water Ninjas are officially a dead army.

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Well I only planned on doing this  for 2 weeks since it was part of my spring break and had nothing to do. I guess its come and go for this army. Thank you Jai Angel and everyone for giving me an opportunity to lead the Water Ninjas.  
And the main reason why im quitting is because I got school again next week and can’t be active at all. I need to keep my focus on the most important things in life, And thats graduating from High school. To end i want to say goodbye to everyone! This isn’t forever this is for now. Wish the best in the future! 

Yours Truly, ✪ЈᾋṨὋƝ✪ This life

Retirement of Orange

Yes I am retiring from WN. Continue reading

This week’s Events 2-26-18 – 3-3-18

Aye WN, 

After taking 3rd in the official top 10 in only our first week, I am very excited and eager to see what this week has in store for us, we are going to schedule around the same number of events to keep up our activity, please come to as many as you can, and recruit your friends and help us get first on that leaderboard! Read more for the events!

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Ausia Unscheduled Results

Greetings, Water Ninjas!  Today we held our very first Ausia event for this generation on the server Sleet.  We did really well for an Ausia event especially an unscheduled one.  Lets keep growing on all fronts.  Read more for event pictures.

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US Training Results 2-23-18

Greetings Water Nonjas! (Sorry Edu)

Today we had an event on the server Zipline, we maxed 9 with perfect tactics! Thanks again to everybody who attended. Read more for the event pictures.

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UK training results 2-23-18

Aye WN,

Today we had another UK training event and we did amazing! Everyone who showed up did great and I’m proud of all of you! Read more for the pics!

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US Training Results 2-22-18

Hello, Water Ninjas.  Today we logged on Beanie for a US Training.  We Maxed 9 and Averaged 8 which is fantastic! Especially for a new army entering the community.  We even did better than our UK earlier today! I’m proud of you all for helping Water Ninjas Grow lately.  Read more to see event pictures.

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UK Training Results 2-22-18 [BEST SIZES YET]

Aye WN, today we logged on Abominable for another UK training and we received our best sizes yet! Awesome job everyone! Keep recruiting and let’s keep growing! Read more for the pics!  Continue reading

US Event Results 2-20-18

Aye WN,

We had our second event, a US training session. We still have work to do, but for our first US event it was not bad. Let’s keep it up and keep climbing. Continue Reading for pics  Continue reading

UK Training Results 2-20-18

Aye WN, today we had two events, UK and US and the UK was very good, I’m thankful for everyone who showed up! Let’s keep growing and getting better, let’s climb these ladders. Continue Reading for the pictures!

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First UK Event on CPR

We had our first UK event on CPR!  We maxed 5 and averaged 4.  I would’ve liked us to have more but I can’t ask more for a starting event.

Thanks to all who attended.


Water Ninjas Leader